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Try Changing Your Usual Breakfast For This Smoothie – Your Body Will Thank You


Having a breakfast is paramount, to maintain our well-being, in a perfect way, and that our organism works effectively, and best of all is that by maintaining a healthy diet, we will maintain our weight.

When we increase, we notice in the clothes, and that pants that we used before, we no longer have, and that blouse that we loved so much now marks all the rolls, making us look and feel bad.

But this weight gain is due to a part of our silent body in which sequels are created that we do not notice with the naked eye.

Do we talk about toxins and the accumulation of fats in all our organs that over time can cause health problems because if we do not purify our body and we do not eat healthily, what else can we expect? That’s why today we bring you a nutritional shake that will help you stay healthy. Take note.

This shake is excellent.

Consuming this shake will make the difference in your diet plan as well as being composed of natural ingredients, it will not trigger secondary problems, it will also help you to lose weight since it cleanses your organs.

The shake is made with pineapple and chia; Pineapple for its high water content helps as a natural diuretic, eliminates toxins from your blood and helps lose weight thanks also to the bromelain that helps in the digestive processes.

On the other hand, we have the chia that is currently booming and is that it contains many fibers, and exceeds milk in quantities of calcium, and spinach in iron.

This shake is made with the following ingredients:

-2 pineapple slices
-2 tablespoons of chia seeds
-Natural juice of two oranges
-150 ml of water


You must start cutting the pineapple into small pieces to facilitate its process and put them in the blender next to the orange juice and water. You must liquefy until you get a homogeneous substance.

After this add the chia seeds and mix with a spoon. If you want the chia seeds not to be so solid, soak them in water for two hours before the preparation, or you can liquefy them too.

Consumption mode:

Your breakfast, you will replace it with this shake, so that it gives you the results that we already told you about.

You must consume this shake for 15 days.

This shake is not miraculous, it is only a dietary supplement, accompany it with physical activity to obtain better results.

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