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The Mediterranean Diet – The 2019 Diet


If you are still wondering what diet to start after the hearty meal, you are definitely not alone. We pile up information about proper nutrition and diet regimes for weight loss.

But which diet is really healthy? It’s really hard to say. At the end of last year at a symposium on diet and nutrition, specialists in the field discussed and evaluated over 41 different diet regimes.

Are diets evaluated on various criteria such as safety, whether it is easy to perform, whether it contains the necessary nutrients, is it effective in weight loss, can it be used as a prevention of socially significant diseases – heart disease, diabetes.

The diet that meets the most criteria is the Mediterranean with a score of 4.2 out of a 5-point system. This diet is appreciated for his contribution over the last decade.

The diet offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, beneficial fats such as those contained in olive oil and oily fish such as salmon, sardines as well as nuts and seeds.

The Mediterranean diet’s specific diet is that it includes real food, food that is not processed or refined, useful omega fatty acids, all foods are fresh.

Diet, such as DASH, macrobiotic, ketogenic, have also been evaluated, but none of them exceeds the Mediterranean in terms of efficiency and satisfaction from those using it. This type of diet manages to influence the inflammatory processes in the body, is suitable for people with chronic diseases, maintains normal levels of blood sugar and blood pressure.

This diet is the right diet for people who appreciate the good food. Ideally balanced mode by which we keep your body and brain in shape and enjoy delicious food.

The Mediterranean diet is suitable for anyone looking for change in the new year. It will help you get rid of excess pounds, help your immune system as well as the activity of the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, leading nutritionists claim that when choosing the Mediterranean type of diet, we will never be wrong.