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Foods From Which We Feel Tired


Bananas are rich in magnesium, making them an extremely suitable product for future mothers or sports women.

Magnesium is known for its effect in preventing muscle spasms. That is why it is prescribed to pregnant women complaining of contractions long before the term.

Magnesium, however, relieves muscle cramps and slows down blood circulation and pulse and soothes. If we start the day with a banana, at some point we can find out that we are not going to go from the morning. It is preferable for a banana to eat for an afternoon snack. For the same reason, one of the most useful afternoon snacks is nuts. Magnesium and other micronutrients in them are necessary – but let us leave them for the biorithm of our time.

In yogurt , as is mostly the case with chocolate products, there is tryptophan. Thanks to tryptophan, our brain synthesizes serotonin. This neurotransmitter brings the main “fault” to feel happy. Well, think about who a lucky man is working on and doing something forcibly? Leave chocolate, although nutritionists will not recommend its consumption then for the evening. Just before the planned “craving adventure”, it will do an ideal job.

Yogurt can be left as an add-on to the main meal at noon. Sure, it will reduce aggression, soothe and enable the body to better digestion.

Tryptophan also stimulates the synthesis of melatonin, which is linked to the onset of sleep. It is not by chance that in the Bulgarian menu for dinner the unleavened green beans as a dish is accompanied by a bowl of yogurt for dessert.

When we mention the synthesis of melatonin that occurs in our body with diminishing daylight in general, we must bear in mind that the consultation of cherry and cherry juice can lead us to a slumber. They contain it. They are suitable for eating in the morning, only after a night shift and to sleep.

Coffee is part of our awakening ritual. Caffeine actually has an invigorating effect, but it is also a diuretic. With coffee consumption enough fluids should be provided to avoid dehydration. In principle, our body waking up in the morning is slightly dehydrated and we should not bother him anymore.

In the dehydrated organism, metabolic processes are slower. This includes our brain. In such a case we will not be able to rely on good concentration, memory and other high cognitive activities. Better coffee time is after lunch, when the body receives enough fluids and needs some stimulation to get back into working order.

Overfeeding with coffee is dangerous not only because of the risk of blood pressure increase. After a certain limit, instead of excitement, it becomes the cause of the sudden collapse of the mental activity.

Imagine the traditional British breakfast. The fat content is enormous. Her composition made sense when the man waited for him a grueling day with mostly physical work in unfavorable weather conditions. But today? Hardly, bacon will fill us with a tone – on the contrary, the body will need energy to break down this hard-tempered breakfast, from which we will feel tired rather than loaded. If we reduce excess fat sources on the plate, you may get a better start for the day.

Elderly and fast-growing simple carbohydrate foods quickly raise blood sugar. This creates a sense of energy surge relatively quickly after consumption. The unpleasant thing is that as fast as blood sugar goes up, it quickly falls. This effect is recognized by the somnolence that is experienced one hour after the consumption of the delicious sugar dessert.

Therefore, if we can not afford it, and the state of health allows it, it is to combine it with another food. We bind to whole grains for breakfast – their process of degradation and respectively absorption from the body is longer, which guarantees a 3-4 hours of good vigor and tone.