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Foods For Young And Tight Skin


Food can affect the health of the skin and its beauty . Below are some of the foods that can be eaten regularly to keep young, tight and radiant skin.


Kiwi can provide 141% of the daily value of vitamin C from which the body needs to produce collagen responsible for the elasticity of the skin. As collagen progresses, age collapses and causes wrinkles. Kiwi is therefore considered to be a fruit that keeps the skin young.


The fruit contains vitamin E, which helps the skin to hydrate. According to studies, vitamin E can reduce free radicals and prevent damage to the skin due to ultraviolet rays .


The fruit is rich in beta-carotene, which helps the skin to recover quickly, remain smooth and delay the appearance of wrinkles . The mango also contains a lot of vitamin A, which helps the skin cells to regenerate, which is important for maintaining young skin.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammatory processes on the skin. It also contains nutrients like vitamin D and antioxidants that help reduce the risk of skin cancer. Thanks to these, the free radicals that cause aging of the skin are eliminated .

Sunflower seed

Sunflower seeds are full of vitamin E, which can help protect skin cells by keeping it young, clean and hydrated. Only ¼ cup of sunflower seed provides 90% of daily vitamin E needs, which is also crucial in reducing inflammatory conditions of the skin that can cause aging .


Broccoli is a food containing anti-inflammatory properties. They are a rich source of vitamin A and C, which are needed to give elasticity and shine to the skin. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin K, which helps improve dark circles.