Find Out What’s Your Personality According to the Chinese Zodiac


Chinese culture is definitely fascinating and very attractive. Moreover, Chinese alternative medicine has been present for more than 2000 years and it is comprised of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and dietary therapy. The Chinese also have their own zodiac which reveals a lot of interesting personality traits.

The Chinese zodiac animal is determined according to the year of birth; however, the Chinese zodiac is based on the beginning of the year in the Chinese calendar, not the regular calendar year. It varies from year to year and it usually falls in late January or early February. Take a look at the chart below and find your year of birth. The animal in that column is your Chinese zodiac animal.

Year of the Rat

These people are often very successful and charming enough to handle different social situations easily. However, at times, they can be quick-tempered and critical. If they’re not ready to hear the truth, you shouldn’t mess with them. These individuals have a vivid imagination which helps them get through situations that require one-of-a-kind intellectual abilities. The special thing about them is that they see opportunities where others see nothing. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that these opportunities always bring the best for them. All in all, they’re generous, passionate, and respect the people they’re close to, whether that is their intimate partner or a business colleague.

Year of the Ox

People born in these years have the power to manage all kinds of challenges. They are good at handling responsibilities and this is the way they earn their trust, confidence, and respect from others. However, they can be very demanding when something needs to be finished. Often times, protecting their interests and beliefs could have negative consequences. They’re known to be very faithful to their family, partner, and friends.

Year of the Tiger

These individuals are the lovers of the zodiac and their emotions are everything for them. They make great partners and they always look for people with a competitive spirit to satisfy their need for love. Being confident and passionate, these recover from negative situations. Their brave spirit helps them face any obstacle and they’re also great at leading people.

Year of the Rabbit

They’re very pleasant, affectionate, and polite. They don’t like to be part of negative situations or disputes. They are very friendly, funny, intellectual, but often quiet, and conservative.

Year of the Dragon

They’re filled with energy and are very talented. They always try to achieve their goals. Sometimes, they can be loud and they neglect other people’s advice. They’re meant to succeed and always indulge into opportunities that will enable them to use their talent and energy. When it comes to commitment, they’re not very fond of it.

Year of the Snake

These people are very wise, profound, and usually work in secret to achieve their goals without others knowing. They’re very romantic and charming. The negative side about them is that they tend to be very jealous and end up being alone as a consequence.

Year of the Horse

They’re the hard-workers of the Chinese Zodiac who are dedicated to succeed and accomplish their goals. They accept challenges, but they can often be very impulsive. They want to work alone so they’re not the team-player-kind-of-person. Their great verbal skills make them great in handling social interactions.

Year of the Ram

People born in these years are kind, sympathetic, likable, sensitive, and charming. They’re lovers of good art, different cultures, and nature. This is a fuel for their creative life. Their negative side is that they can be very pessimistic. When they feel safe in a love or business relationship, they’re fulfilled.

Year of the Monkey

They are very energetic individuals who are magnets among the crowds and have the ability to make every situation a humorous one.  Nevertheless, this can often lead to people distrusting them because they appear very unserious. Since they’re restless, it might be difficult for them to choose a career and path in life. However, once they find it, they are successful on all fields.

Year of the Rooster

These people are never intimidated to state their opinion. They have a need for attention and they are often successful in achieving their goals. Since they’re loyal and genuine, they have a big circle of friends.

Year of the Dog

When they want to achieve something, they literally put their heart and soul into it. This results in successfulness in their careers or professions. Being loyal and honest as dogs, they enjoy in their principles, fairness, and the talent for solving problems.

Year of the Pig

These people are very tolerant, kind, and sincere. Their intellectuality eases their search for challenges and helps them succeed. They have a wonderful sense of humor and wit; however, they can be very naive at times. When people are unkind to them, they tend answer with rage. All in all, they’re the family-kind-of-people.